Turn Right to Go Left?

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June 6, 2013 by Drew

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lobsterboy1980/3864367280/sizes/m/in/photostream/

Maybe, just maybe, Obama is being intentionally scandalous.

Maybe, sometime around the time he was unable to get a single republican vote for a health care plan authored by the Heritage Foundation (and enacted by a Republican governor,)

or maybe, sometime when Republicans opposed extending a holiday on the payroll tax,

or maybe, sometime after the “Mission Accomplished” party accused him of “Spiking the Ball,” after killing Bin Ladin, Barack Obama finally realized something.

The Republican party was going to oppose EVERYTHING he did.  EVERYTHING, no matter how much they did it, no matter how much it fits with a conservative agenda.  Whatever Obama does, the opposite thing is the right thing.

And maybe, he realized that, and decided to use political judo.

2004 Bucharest Europeans 14/16th May

Once upon a time, our government tapped the phones of Americans talking overseas, without a warrant.  Progressives were appalled, but everybody knew that during the “war on terror,” no politician had the clout to stop it.

But now?  Maybe Obama has used the power of Republican hate to accomplish his own agenda.  Under his watch, the federal government data-mined (with a warrant) a list of calls,  and now Republicans are outraged.  Could they be upset enough to fight to restore the civil liberties they once took away (with plenty of Democrat help, of course)?


It would be impossible to get the GOP to fight for a free press, right?  Didn’t they want to charge the NY Times with treason after Wikileaks?  But you CAN get them to fight for a free press!  All it takes is for Obama to investigate a journalist!

Hannity prepares for more “research.”

Yesterday, I heard Sean Hannity complaining that a government program to cover people with pre-existing conditions couldn’t cover everybody!  Did you hear that?  Hannity was angry because a government insurance program didn’t cover enough people, and didn’t spend money on a person with a pre-existing condition!  Hannity also complained that some people still weren’t covered!

Is it possible that Obama has realized that he is in Bizarro world, and that by acting evil, he can turn the Republican party into a force for good?

It worked for George Castanza

I know, this isn’t the most likely scenario.  It’s more likely that the power of the office corrupted him.  I’ll take this side effect anyway.

I want a free press.  I want everybody to get health insurance, at low rates.  I want whistle-blowers to be protected. I want the CIA and state department to be held accountable for their covert operations, and I don’t want the government listening in on my phone calls.

And now, thanks to Obama’s corruption (or judo-style subterfuge), the FoxNews crowd is suddenly with me.  I don’t care why.  I’ll take it.

And if Obama starts a push to deregulate investment bankers,

or if Obama proposes legislation to disenfranchise voters,

or if Obama proposes we invade Iran,

then I’ll know what he’s really doing.


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