Good Friday Together?


February 26, 2013 by Drew

You’ll get my opinion as soon as I sort it out.  But I want to hear from you all.

Christians:  Will you participate?  Why/why not?  Do you feel that the event represents you well?

Non-Christians:  Does it matter to you if the church is united?  Divided?  What impression does this video/event make on you?  Would you attend this event?  Why/why not?


2 thoughts on “Good Friday Together?

  1. Mark Weber says:

    I think it’s a great idea. One thing I worry about is what if only a small number of people show up– renting a place that seats thousands and only 300 show up. However, for all we know, it could end up being like 17,000 all coming together, which is rare. Will Catholics show up? Will non-believers show up? Will the media spin it as a good thing or bad? Will Buffalonians care about this event? Gotta admire the organizers for taking the risk.

  2. I think we’ll get what we’re looking for with an event like this. If we’re looking for God to show up amidst a bunch of imperfect people willing to put their differences aside for a little while and come together to focus on Jesus Christ as One Church, we’ll find that, and it will be beautiful. If we’re looking for a reason to be critical, exploit our differences and be offended, we’ll probably find that, too. All I know is that I am one of those imperfect people who can’t wait to see what God will do with the lot of us! 🙂

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