Guns for Good Neighbors

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February 6, 2013 by Drew


If I could only pass one gun law (a “magic bullet” if you will) it would be to require anybody who purchases a gun to purchase liability insurance. This would effectively privatize background checks and gun safety training AND ban the most dangerous weapons for all but the wealthiest people (who are more likely to rob you with a transaction than an AK).

In a less-polarized world this could even be seen as a “conservative” solution, in that it bans no weapons outright (You could own a tank if you could convince somebody to insure it), it is a private, market-based solution, and it eliminates “free riders” (i.e. the people who add the most risk to gun ownership bear the most cost, whereas now, both responsible gun owners and victims of gun violence bear a higher cost because of the relative few that do stupid things with weapons.)

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